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    Custom Filter with Excluded Values

    Trish Cox

      Hi All,


      We are very new to Tableau and currently are on Tableau Desktop and  are trying to figure out the best possible solution for the following scenario:


      Create an HR dashboard using one Excel datasources and one .twb file, however when we package and export the workbook we want to be able to customize to various organization data just display the various orgs that our clients have access to viewing.


      The problem we are running into is that we can easily "exclude" the data for the organizations we don't want but when we want to display a Filter, it shows the "Excluded" values as part of the filter (see picture below)



      Is there any way we can have a filter that does not show the Excluded values?


      We preferably would love to just use one datasource file and use one workbook that we can just refresh/customize per org, however if we have to create multiple workbooks PER ORG unit to not run into the filtering issue above then thats what I would like to confirm as well.