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    Tableau server: setting to make it device aware ?

    Karpura Suryadevara

      I was told that Tableau server supports multiple devices (iphone, ipad) and is "Device aware".


      However, I don't find this to be true as the dashboards look garbled on other devices. Is there a setting on the server side that I have to change ?



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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Karpura -


          Tableau Server is device-aware in that it understands when it is talking to a mobile device (an iPad, for example) and will activate a "mobile mode" which includes finger friendly mobile gestures.


          However, it does not change the layout of a report on a per-device basis, which is what I think you may be interested in. I'd suggest creating a few versions of the dashboard sized to different form factors, and point your users at the appropriate version.


          Hope this helps.