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    tooltip over stacked bar

    Yigang Chen



      I'm to display two measurements by stacked bar. Take M1 = 0.5 and M2 = 1.0 as an example (M2 is always > M1):

      • With stacked bar, I put M2 on top of M1
      • The stacked bar measures 1.5
      • The tooltip over M1 shows 'M1=0.5', and 'M2=1.0' when over M2


      The customer, however, wants to view the data differently. He wants:

      1. Put the difference of M2 - M1 on top of M1 so that
      2. The stacked bar measures 1.0
      3. The tooltip shows '0.5' when over the bottom bar (M1) and '1.0' when over the top bar (M2-M1)


      1 and 2 are easy: I created a Calculated Field M2-M1 and put it on top of M1. But for 3, how can the tooltip show 'M2=1.0' and not 'M2-M1 = 0.;5' when over the M2-M1 bar? Is it possible to do that kind of thing at all?