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    Lost crosstab parent column pinning when published to server?

    Pasquale Festa

      Hi all,


      So I created a crosstab that has a number of parent columns [see attached excerpt]. I noticed that in the desktop application that as you scroll Tableau will pin your parent information to the top line. This way you can see what the 5/6/7 columns tie back to regarding columns 1/2/3/4. This very useful when you have a large number of items in the child columns to the right and need to easily assess what they tie back to at left. However, when I publish the dashboard to the server, I noticed that this functionality disappears. All of the columns scroll and top row pinning is completely lost. This really perplexes me. Why would a feature be illustrated in the desktop environment that can not be reproduced via the server environment? Is there any way to make crosstab pinning work for a dashboard published to the server? I have tested the dashboards in both Chrome and IE and neither shows the column pinning.