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    US vs. UK date formats keep alternating when publishing to server

    Li-Kim Lee

      Hi, I am based in the UK and experiencing problems with the display of dates in a workbook. I use an EXCEL extract of data where the 'Time Period' is in a US format of mm/dd/yyyy. Tableau Desktop shows the 'Time Period' dates wrongly and interchanges the month and day fields, probably since I am based in the UK. So I solve the issue by using a calculated dimension to change the 'Time Period' to a UK 'Date' dimension. And the data looks fine in my workbook. Examples of both the US 'Time Period' and UK calculated 'Date' dimensions are shown below.


      DateTime Period


      However, when I publish the workbook to our server which is US-based, the dates then revert to another format entirely, probably because the US Tableau server is recognising the UK workbook dates as US dates again. Is there a way round this via settings or config of the data or Tableau Desktop?