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    Cannot connect to server via wireless if also wired

    Matt Francis

      Just wanted to see if anyone else either has this issue or can duplicate it for me.


      I've got desktop on my laptop which sits in a docking station and server running on a remote machine.

      If i am connected to the internal wired network i can access Tableau server from the desktop.

      If i am just on the wireless network i can access Tableau server from the desktop as long as i connect to the VPN.


      However if i have both the wireless and wired connections active it refuses to connect, and i get an error 


      "Internet communication error:  (https://globalreporting.internal.sanger.ac.uk)."


      This is the same error i get if i try the wireless connection without connecting to the VPN. If i disable wireless it works fine. Its not a major issue but it means i have to keep turning off the wireless connection each time i put the laptop into the dock. Its as if its using the wireless connection in preference to the wired instead of the other way around. Every other bit of software works fine which is why i am suspecting its Tableau thats the problem but wanted to see if anyone else can re-produce it so i can get support to take a look.


      I am tempted to uninstall every thing Tableau from this machine and re-install in case its something embedded during the install thats done it.