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    Top N filter

    Ajit Kumar


      I am creating a table of Top 10 Products for a state. I am applying top 10 in the product filter.

      But when I am saying ‘Show quick filter’ for Product then in the filter all the Products name are coming.


      Is it possible to get only the top 10 Product names in the Product filter?


      I have attached the workbook.


      Please help me on this.

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hi Ajit, all you have to do is change the quick filter from All to 'Only Relevant':





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            Ajit Kumar

            Hi Shawn,

            Thanks for answer.


            I have all ready tried this option in the attached workbook, but unfortunately it is not working.


            Do we have any other way to do this?

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Ajit, I don't know what's going on here. I just noticed that changing it to Only Relevant eliminated options, but I didn't count what was left. Not sure what to tell you. Maybe someone else has the answer. Sorry.



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                Richard Leeke

                You can get what you want by creating a calculated field which is just a copy of the [Product] field and defining another filter on that. If you set that to show only relevant values that gives you what you want - though you will notice that the product rank you have calculated changes.


                If you want the rank to remain unchanged when you filter rows out of the top 10 you can do that by defining a different sort of calculated field - using a table calculation. That allows you to filter after the rank calculation has been done.


                My dinner is ready so I won't explain more now - take a look at the attached, which has examples of doing it both ways, and post a follow up question if this doesn't make sense...