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    Matrix  - Heatmap with Numbers?

    Chris Turnbull

      Hi All,


      I am stuggling to create the attached with Tableau.


      KS2 Level is the Level a student achieved when they were at Primary School and they are expected to improve by 3 Level by the next time they are tested in Secondary School. Scores *=10, A=9, B=8, C=7, D=6, E=5, F=4, G=3.


      To get the levels of progress the KS2 Level is taken from the KS4 Grade Score.


      All this means that the first Grid shows the following:-  Dark Green More than 3 Levels of Progress, Light Green = 3 Levels of Progress and Lilac is less than 3 Levels of Progress.


      This Data will be pulled out of the MIS System and then aggregated in Tableau.  The National Data to the right is already Aggregated and will be just given to me as is.  I am guessing at a Heatmap where I create Calulated Fields that are assigned the designated colour the for each cell and then drop the Total on top but I am struggling with it.


      Any help will be gratefully received as I am struggling.