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    How to treat this as a constant? Or something... Mixing agg/non-agg problem

    Annie Elliott

      I work off of a Daily Average Users number, and I have users per day. I can roll up these very easily for aggregated dates (Y, Q, M, W are all consistent), but not by day of week.


      SUM([DAU]) / 52 gives me numbers extremely consistent with the date-aggregated rollups as long as it is not the current year, because we are only 45 weeks into the year.


      When I try:


      SUM([ADI]) /


      IF [Is Current Year] THEN

          DATEPART('week', NOW())

      ELSE 52




      I get errors about mixing aggregates and non aggregates. I need to be able to use DATEPART('week', NOW()) (currently = 45) as a constant for the divisor.


      I have tried wrapping it in INT() with no luck (same error message). Wrapping the date part in SUM() does as well. Any ideas?