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    Testing v8

    Shawn Wallwork

      I'm currently testing v8:


      • CTRL-scroll zooms in/out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! Thx T.
      • Map overlay settings now has a 'Make Default' setting, Yes, yes!!
      • Dual axis maps mark shelf unfamiliar at first, but now each pill on row/columns have their own 'pull-down' mark shelf, sort of. I think I'm going to like this once I'm use to it.
      • Crashed it. But this is alpha, so expected. (Would have been disappointed if I couldn't!)
      • The 'Make Default' worked great! It's the little things that delight.
      • Calculated fields now have very bold () easy to see! Iain your team rocks!
      • The default font size in calc fields diag are larger. And the CTRL-scroll still increases/decreases font size.
      • For the less adventurous T provides a 'Use v7 Layout', some of my folks will love this.
      • Misunderstood the Use v7. Doesn't changed the UI. (Not sure what it does.)
      • He just demoed dashboard filters. Work as expected, and excellent addition (way to go Intern!)
      • Default scatter plot bg now has a light grey grid. Looks nice, but I couldn't find how to turn it off, I'm sure I'm just missing it.
      • Yep, found it. And you can turn off horz and vert independently. Very nice.
      • Five minutes looking for tool tips in the menus. Hmmm, finally found it on the marks card (maybe it should be in both places).
      • New Combined Fields interesting (replaces the set/sort/hide header trick).
      • Combined sets are also very interesting.
      • Sets now available in calculated fields! Sweet!
      • Dashboard sizing is now part of the left control bar! Not a dialog box. Yes, yes! Thank you Tableau.
      • Floating options has tremendous possibilities, especially when the devs workout transparency.


      Overall very impressed. Lots of little stuff in the UI that will make life easier. And some nice new big functionality! Great job guys. Thank You!




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