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    COUNTIF Visualization

    Jason Back



      Please fine the attached file with simple data.


      I am trying to create two graphs:

      - what % of total stores have sales >=100 in 2012.

      - what % of total store improved (>0% growth) their sales from 2011 to 2012.


      It seems always easy in excel but still getting used to tableau formulas and features... I would apprecaite the help.  Thanks.


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          Hillary Lincourt

          For the Sales <100 or >=100, I created a Group based on Sales.


          For the Percent Change, I created 3 formulas.  There is probably a more efficient way but this works...



          If Year([Date]) = 2012 then [Sales] end



          If Year([Date]) = 2011 then [Sales] end


          //Percent Change



          See attached Visualization.



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            Jason Back

            Thank you Hilary,


            That solves my question to build a first graph.  Is there a way to create a graph for % of total stores that have improved sales in 2012 from 2011?


            Grouping may be the answer like the way you did it for the first grapg but it seems that calculated results can't be grouped.  Thanks.