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    How to create a parameter that selects a set of two specific values?

    Cristina Palo

      Hello all,


      I am trying to create a parameter (or anything else that would give me the results I am looking for ) that when selected it would filter the data by two specific values.


      For example my data has Latest 12 weeks 2012, Latest 12 weeks 2011, Latest 4 weeks 2012, Latest 4 weeks 2011, etc...


      In order to view % chgs and other calculations, the user currently has to select two time frames in my Workbook. For example when selecting Latest 12 weeks 2012 AND Latest 12 weeks 2011 the tables returns Sales, Sales % chg, etc between these two time periods. However I want to create a filter where the user selects Latest 12 weeks and Tableau automatically selects the Latest 12 weeks 2012 AND Latest 12 weeks 2011 for the user.


      Is that possible??


      Thanks very much,