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    How do I do this setup? [Security and Access]

    Rommel Metrillo

      Hi Guys,


      We have a specific requirement that goes along like this:


      We want to use Tableau Server to hold our BI reports and we want users within our network and our customers to access the reports.

      We want users within our network to easily access the Tableau Server without having to go through a login screen but at the same time we want our customers to use a login screen to access the web application.


      From my understanding this would work like a combination of using Active Directory User administration (for users within the network) and Local User administration (for customers outside the network) but from my understanding it is not possible to have both setup? Is there a way to do to this in any other way?



      Users within the network -> No login needed.

      Users outside the network -> Login required.


      Thanks in advance,