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    Single Signon with Tableau

    Lakshmi Gourabathina

      We are trying to integrate SSO(openAM) with Tableau to do the user authentication. As per openAM standards, the session is valid for 12 hrs and user do not have relogin for 12 hrs but we are seeing the login page after 2 or 3 hrs. We are trying to find the exact time, but my question why is this happening? I have increased the wgserver session idle timout to 12:30 hrs also.  We can see the session is still valid in openAM system also but the Tableau is asking the user to login again? Is this issue with  browser or Tableau....


      thank you,


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          Patricia Strong

          Hi Lakshmi,


          I apologize for replying with a question and not an answer, but would you be willing to share how you have accomplished SSO to Tableau.  We are trying to do SSO via Salesforce, but don't know how to do it.  Any guidance you could provide would be much appreciated!





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            Lakshmi Gourabathina

            Hi Patricia,


            No worries. We used different components to enable SSO as Tableau does not support out of the box.


            We use openAM solution for SSO where it generates the SAML assertion once the user enters the credentials. The SAML assertion is passed to Service gateway which essentially validates and parses the SAML assertion for username and a POST is submitted to Tableau (with username). Then the Tableau validates the user in Tableau domain and then a ticket is returned to Service Gateway. Using the ticket, Service gateway constructs the URL and returns the view to the user. We had to enable trusted authentication as well between Tableau and Service gateway.

            We are using Service Gateway as webserver which is used to parse and validate the SAML assertion and for setting up trusted authentication as well.


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              Mihai Rares

              Hi Lakshmi/Patricia,


              What do you mean by Service Gateway exactly? What software is that?