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    Clearing all other action when applying current action

    Sapan Diwakar

      I am using Tableau 7.0. I have a dashboard where there are more than three sheets. I have applied 'Used as filter' option on all the sheets. For simplicity consider following scenario:


      I have 3 sheets: A, B, C. On selecting a filter in A, the other sheets are filtered which is what I expect. Now, when I select another filter in B, this adds the filter to all the sheets (including A). What I would like to do here is to remove the old filter that was added earlier and have only one filter applied to all sheets at one time.


      In short is there any way by which I can remove the current filter while I apply another. I don't want to use 'Leave the filter' option I will again need the previous filter.


      Let me know if question is not clear.

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