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    Costumizing View of reports

    Yonel Letellier


      In the excel sample data I have monthly, quarterly, YTD and Full Year data downloaded from a system.

      All measures can be imported as they were downloaded (sheet 1). Please note that "Period Date1" is a string and it shows all values in the downloaded table (see view data)

      Also please note that in this example the following measures, are shown as they come from the download:

      - The quarterly Deposit ADB are not the sum, nor the average of all the months of that quarter.

      - The New Checcking Accounts are the sum of the three months of the quarter.

      - The Sales Staff is the last month of the quarter and not the sum nor the average of the 3 months of the quarter.

      I need to create a report like the following:

                                    Sep12-Act           Sep11-Act          3Q12-Act        3Q-MYF      2Q12-Actual      3Q11-Actual

      Deposit ADB                74                         66                      73               70                  70                     65

      New Ckng Acct           39M                       67M                 124M            152M             139M                187M   (M stand for Thousands)

      Sales Staff                 3308                      3744                  3308            4217               3416                 3744




      Help please:

      I need to convert the "Period Date1" to a date format, as I did in the "Period Date2" to be able to do trend graphs. By doing this, Tableau calculates its own Quarterly numbers (add the months of the quarter- see Sheet3). This is Ok for the "New Checking Accts", but for "Deposit ADB" I need to pick up whatever is in the original table, and for "Sales Staff" I need to pickup the last month of the quarter. I can not find in the community any example of this.

      And also please note that I need to show only certain Time Periods as the example above.


      Thanks a lot for any help.


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          Shawn Wallwork

          Yonel, I worked on this a bit today. You can easily change the date in Excel by hand or with Replace. But even after doing that you are still trying to mash up a whole lot of different time frames on a single chart. I wonder if you aren't better off just doing this report in Excel; it's really good at tables like this. Tableau is good at visualizing data, which this really isn't.



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            Jonathan Drummey



            There are a couple of ways I can think of to go about this:


            - set up several worksheets within a horizontal layout container on a dashboard (basically one per column), with each worksheet filtered to show the correct date and then having hidden headers.


            - reshape the data so that it is "tall" rather than "wide", then filter for the desired measures


            Like Shawn said, this is a case where Excel often has an easier job than Tableau at arbitrarily grabbing data to display in a table.



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              Yonel Letellier

              Thanks to both of you. I actually did what you guys suggested in excel.


              Thanks again