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    Scaling Marks on Map to Filtered Views

    Hagen Finley

      I have a map with pie chart marks which represent the number of people working in a city by their roles. Configuring Actions I am able filter or shift the view by region, country and city which is very cool. However, the pie charts don't scale their size as the map shifts from a global view to a country or city view which means the pie chart tends to be too large or two small. Is there a way to scale the pie chart mark to scale with the scale of the map view?


      Also as the view becomes more global, I would like the pie chart numerical labels to fall off instead of clustering and overlapping. Then when the view has zoomed enough that the labels are not going to overlap - they would reappear (magically ;-).


      Finally, I would like the total number of people for each pie chart to appear with a mouse over or in the details - currently I can only show the number of people per role (pie chart slice).


      I am using Desktop Pro version 7.0.9.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


      Hagen Finley


      Boulder, CO

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hagen, lots of wishes! But aren't maps just too cool? OK let me rattle off some notes:


          • As you zoom in/out the actual pie will always remain the same size relative to the view. They should ever get really big or small. If that's not what you're getting then something is wrong
          • You can't keep the labels from over-lapping, but you can keep them from displaying if they are going to overlap, and they will magically reappear whey they are clear of the other labels
          • If you create a calculated field with something like TOTAL(SUM([People])) on the Level Of Detail shelf you should get that figure in the tooltip like you want.



          Placitas, NM