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    Webpage embed - set default year as URL parameter, not filter?

    Mark Haller

      I've got a dashboard with a number of measures on it.


      I'm embedding the dashboard on a webpage, and I'm passing the measure name as a URL parameter and it's working fine.


      Each measure on the dashboard has different "best data" at different years - so measure A has a lot of data for 1996, whereas measure B has a lot of data for 2010.


      So I'm wanting to pass BOTH the measure and the year as parameters - I already know which year goes with which measure .. so can pass them in to the embed code.


      Now, I can pass the year as a parameter, but it's FILTERING the data, rather than setting the default year and then allowing a user to choose any other year this wish - it LOCKS the dashboard/viz to that year :-(


      Any ideas?