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    set a date range

    Paul Youthed



      one of the fields i get back is 'enquiry date'.

      i would like to know the best way for the user to be able to set a 'start date' and 'end date'.

      only records within the dat range would then be returned.





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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Paul -


          Create a "Range of Dates" filter on your field. It will show up as a "slider" with two "handles" that your user can move around to act as start/end date.

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            Paul Youthed



            i tried what you said but it doesnt seem to be working very well.


            i am having trouble getting the data range to work dynamically.

            i want the date range that appears on the screen to only include the date range from the results [as this is coming from a view thats updated each night so the date range is changing every night. im actually getting all results for the past three years (sysdate - 1080)]. a date range that was anything other than the dates from the results would be misleading.


            this is what ive done so far:

            1. ive change my date field to a date
            2. moved the date to my filters
            3. selected 'range of dates'
            4. clicked 'load domain'
            5. clicked 'allvalues in database' or 'only relevant values' (neither seem to work)
            6. press ok
            7. male my new filter 'global'
            8. go to my dashboard
            9. right clcik, quick filters and add the date filter
            10. refresh the data


            no sliders appear. just like when you dont set a date. the only way to get the sliders to appear i have found is to pput dates in. but as i have explained i wouldnt want to hard code my dates as this would lead to a misleading report that wasnt dynamic.

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              Tracy Rodgers

              Hi Paul,


              Are you able to post a screen shot or twbx file of what you are seeing?



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                Vasanth Prabhu Sundararaj



                     I am seeing this same issue, is there a solution for this yet? Basically, the date filters would not change itself dynamically according to the relevant values.