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    Come to the Tableau Community Forums Discussion at TCC12!

    Jonathan Drummey

      Hello everyone,


      At the Tableau Customer Conference next week I'll be hosting the "Tableau Community Web Resources Walkthrough" with Dustin Smith from Tableau on Wednesday 7-Nov at 3:15 in the Community Alley. Most of what I know about Tableau I either learned here on the forums or other Tableau resources, got links to from posts on the forums, or got help from people I met on the forums, so I'm excited about this opportunity to meet in person. I invite you all to come and share about how you can best use the forums and other resources to get your questions answered, learn more about using Tableau, and what can be improved here on the forums (there's already some great ideas in the Fix the Forums List thread: http://community.tableau.com/message/189389#189389).


      If you're somewhere else at that time, I totally understand, I wish I could split myself into about six parts to go to other sessions, and I hope to meet you at the conference!