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    Tableau Server is access Data file in server machine


      The dashboard consists     of 9 "pods."  A few of them are not generated from data in a database.  For these I would like to allow the data owners to  update a spreadsheet and have Tableau check the spreadsheet for new data  on a regular basis.  It is my understanding this can be done.
            My question is, where is the best place to host these spreadsheets   so that the Tableau server and the data owners can access them?  I
           have them in a folder on my local machine  Will the  Tableau server be able to access files on Local Server  If not, what
           would you suggest?

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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Sreekanth -


          In order for Tableau to connect to a "live" Excel workbook as a data source, the file must be stored in a location that the Windows Account Tableau Server runs under has access to.


          For example, Tableau Server runs under the Windows Account "MyDomain\Tableau", then the folder in which you store the Excel workbook must be accessible to the MyDomain\Tableau user.


          This folder might exist on your local machine if you keep it running 24 x 7, but it would probably be more appropriate to host it on a "real" file server.


          Also, you'd want to be sure that when you build the report you do so using the copy of the Excel workbook which has already been dropped IN that special location - don't point at the one on your desktop.

          Does this make sense?