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    how to round up to 1 from anything less than 1?

    Cody DeNiro

      I have a chart containing a calculated field [Quarterly Predicted Failure Rate] which when rounded using the automatic formatting displays a bar as zero but I want it to round up to 1 if it is less than 1.


      The formula for [Quarterly Predicted Failure Rate] is [Number of Records]/3*8760/[MTBF]/4

      I tried to create another calculated field [Rounded Quarterly Failure Rate] with IF [Quarterly Predicted Failure Rate] < 1 THEN [Quarterly Predicted Failure Rate] + 1 ELSE [Quarterly Predicted Failure Rate] END but it is not working. The number returned is rather large and doesnt relate to anything as far as I can tell. I also tried changing the field to an attribute but still not working


      I am using MySQL and using tableau extracts

      I attached a twbx of the chart but if the real twb is needed let me know. it uses 3 tables and is a bit confusing