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    Mapping with BC Census Division regional districts

    Chris Tsui

      Hi All,


      I have been trying to wrap my head around this for the last little while on my own and have decided to finally come to the Tableau community for help (I suspect a mixture of pride and wanting to discover on my own has painstakenly delayed me from posting here )


      BC Canada has administrative regions setup as regional districts within the province.  I was able to find shape files from their statistics site:

      http://www.bcstats.gov.bc.ca/StatisticsBySubject/Geography/TranslationsDataSets.aspx and primarily the CD_2011.zip regional districts file.


      With these files I then followed Joe's Tutorial on how to prepare these shape files for Tableau (Which is amazing btw)  (http://joemako.tumblr.com/post/3289363623/preprocess-shapefile-for-tableau-tutorial-video)


      Everything seemed to work like a charm, however for some reason I can't seem to have these shape files "overlay" ontop of a world map.  I suspect it has something to do with my Latitude and Longtitude showing values of 100K-1800K vs. the normal decimal numbers that I think Tableau normally works with. 


      I dont pretend to know very much about how the Geo "stuff" works and from my limited reading my only suspicion is the format the original shapefiles came in is different from what normal ones are?  I noticed in Joe's video that the coordinates seemed far more standard vs. when I was using QGIS they were these very large numbers.  I feel like I'm "almost" there, but am just not knowledgeable enough to get me all the way there   If I can over come this, my next step would be to color code based on BC Regional district population data (which I've been able to find at: http://www.bcstats.gov.bc.ca/StatisticsBySubject/Demography/PopulationProjections.aspx) the crosstab I was able to work out for this is great.... but if I could put it on the map..... It'd be gravy!


      Any help you guys could lend would be great!  I've attached my post "Joe Tutorial" workbook and the shape files I used.


      Thanks all!

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          Chris Tsui

          Hi All,


          I'm going to mark this one as "complete" (If I can do that for my own.. or if there is a moderator that can do this for me)


          My requirements have changed and thus don't want to waste anyone's time on this in case someone stumbles on it!


          Would have been nice to have figured it out but.... maybe when I have more time!




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            Shawn Wallwork

            Chris, sorry no one got to this before. There was a big conference and the forums got ignored a bit. If you have a good shape file I'm certain you can get what you want. Especially if Richard notices this one (he's the map guru). So if you ever need this again, post it and flag either me or Richard and we'll see what we can do.


            --Shawn Wallwork

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              Chris Tsui

              No worries Shawn..... Was sad I wasn't able to attend the conference!  Watching the first Keynote online was really just salt in the wound Kraken looks.... slick and I wonder if the dev's wrote their own "material


              I think with this particular question it was always a nice to have (Wanted to "wow" some customers) however they changed their requriements anyways, so I figured I didn't want to take up more of the communities time if anyone stumbled on it.


              Its just one of those curiosity things now ha ha.  I figure I'll geek out and take a weekend to try and figure it out if I can haha


              Thanks again though!