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    Latitude & Longitude Show up as Measures Instead of Dimensions

    Hagen Finley



      I'm new to Tableau so forgive me if this is a well understood breakdown. I have an Excel spreadsheet with columns labled Latitude and Longitude with data in a decimal format based on addresses for Fortune World Corporate 500 companies. The intent was to get more granular (so I'm OCD ;-) and to side step issues around international zipcodes and city recognition.


      Tableau appears to recognize the lat and long data from the columns but it imports it as measures instead of dimensions. That would be fine except measures don't appear to plot any of my locations to the world map :-(. I get the impression that Tableau should import those columns and use them to plot my locations (I'm using  a brand new copy of Desktop 7.0.9 Pro).


      Am I doing something wrong? Is there a workarond?



      Hagen Finley


      Boulder, CO