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    changing flags in 3 columns with one filter?

    Ronak Patel

      I have three columns that have either Y or N in them. I want to make a parameter where if the user selects option one, it marks filter the first column for Y, if option 2, then the 2nd column for Y, and if option 3, the 3rd column for option Y. Is this possible in excel? I tried using a case when along with a parameter but I get a boolean error.


      here is the case statement


      CASE [Select Balance Type]

      WHEN 'DPD' THEN [DPD_FLAG] = 'Y'

      WHEN 'NPL' THEN [NPL_FLAG] = 'Y'

      WHEN 'C+C' THEN [C_AND_C_FLAG] = 'Y'