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    How to display high, low and average (sort of like a stock chart)

    Ratna Sarkar

      On the X-axis, I have institutions. For each institution, I have an average, a max and a min (say average, max and min number of years to earn a graduate degree). The Y-axis represents years. I would like, for each institution, show a vertical line, suspended above the X-axis, with the top of the line at the max, the bottom of the line at the min, and a dot on the line to indicate average. This is like the standard stock chart that shows the trading range b/w the high price and the low price, and often shows the day's open and closing price. How do I do this? Of course, I don't mind if X and Y axes are switched relative to my description above.


      (Apologies if this has been discussed -- please just send me a link. Thanks)