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    Top-N/Bottom-N with parameter in a banded chart.

    Gunnar Tapper



      The attached workbook contains sample data for a chart I am trying to create but just can't figure out. So, I am hoping for some community help.


      The data contains a set of units for which we collect usage percentage every minute or so. The desired behavior is that the units work in unison; that is, that the skew among the usage of the different units is small. To visualize this, I want to create a chart as follows:


      • A band that shows the skew between the unit with the highest and lowest average/median usage
      • A line for the units with the highest and lowest average/median usage
      • A parameter selection allow the user to select how many top-N and bottom-N units to chart


      So, the first task seems to be to be able to filter out the top-N and bottom-N unit so that it can be used to create the band in the chart. This is where I stumble: I've tried to combine a top-N and bottom-N filter but those cancel each other out, even if I duplicate the dimension and measure I am using. So, I am a bit stuck and would really appriciate some help.