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    Can you create calculated fields by date?

    Zachary Hagopian

      So I have data pulling different retail metrics by store number into a P+L.   Right now, I am focusing on sales.  I pulled my original data from Excel so that I have a "total sales" measure, but can then split up this number into various date formats using the date dimension I have.  However, I am trying to create a dynamic P+L through the use of calculated fields and parameters so that I can see the effects of changing sales on the company as a whole.  My problem is, when I create a calculated field, I can not figure out how to just change the sales for a certain year. 


      I would like to just increase sales for the most recent year, but because I have a total sales number, it increases each sales number, even if I break out sales by years, months, etc. 


      Is there any way to create a calculated field that incorporates date?  Or do I need to pull the data from Excel differently?  Thanks!