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    Region Sets Grouping Data

    Jeff Mottle

      In a survey we're analyzing we asked what State people were from.  What I would like to do is group certain states together as it's a larger data set when combined. For example Pacific Region, Mid West etc.  I know I can use sets to create this, however I seem to be unable to graph anything when using multiple sets.  In the left column I want these sets to show up as rows and the TOTAL for each set to be reflective of the combined data from the corresponding states.  I can do this with one set, which by default shows the set name with the sub-set states named.  If I create a total column and then hide all of the individual states I effectively get what I am after. However there seems to be no way to do this with multiple sets. 


      I hope I've explained this properly.  If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.