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    Using pages shelf to filter ranked data table based on index calculation

    Katie Westbrook

      I’m having an issue with the pages shelf that I haven’t been able to solve in the past two days.  More specifically, I am creating a dashboard where I have a scatter plot and two maps where year and quarter are on the pages shelf (note this is in the format of "2009 Q2," SO it's not treated as a date). 


      When I use the pages filter to play the history of the maps and scatter plot, they are tied together and it works beautifully.


      I also need two data tables that dynamically update with these maps and the scatter plot.  Initially, I created these data tables using the index calculation to create a descending rank of the data (I simply hide the bar chart it creates when I add to the dashboard).  When I throw the year/quarter variable on the pages shelf for these data tables, I cannot get the data to sort correctly.  Further, it shows all of the values for each of the available time periods. When I select a specific time period, it will in a sense just highlight the data of interest.  Additionally, rather than sorting for only what is featured on screen, it appears that it is creating the sort (which is crucial to my ranking) based on every year and quarter in my data.


      When I use a filter for year/quarter, I don’t have this issue, and everything works great, but I need to use the pages shelf to keep my dashboard tied together.


      I would post an example, but the data is confidential.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!