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    Receiving error from worksheet deployed in Tableau Server

    Rommel Metrillo

      Hi Guys,


      I encountered an error that read something like this:


      "Session Ended by Server"


      details are below:


      "Unable to URL decode str '{"revertType":null,"refresh":false,"checkpoint":false,"sheetName":"% of business per Region","unknownParams":"","layoutId":null,"session":null}' for encoding UTF-8"


      What does this error mean? What should I look for to resolve it, when I googled it for the first time it says it might be a PHP error, but I want to know what seems to be the real problem.




      I created a worksheet named "% of business per Region", we have sellers and we want to list the number of % of business done per seller to each of the regions we do business on. We already have have an SQL Analysis cube ready for this data and we created a connection to that cube, the worksheet works fine in Tableau Desktop, but when we have the report displayed in Tableau Server this error comes out. Also, during deployment this error appears as well.


      Sometimes, I could get it to work (by selecting another worksheet and then using the tabs going to the offending worksheet), but when it does the Seller List quick filter I set disappears.


      I hope some light could be shed to what is happening.


      Thanks in Advance,