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    Combine data from 2 levels

    Viswanath Sankar

      Hi All,


      I have a reasonably simple requirement of displaying data for a particular member and its children in a report. I have a hierarchy with 10 levels. I have one parameter that is hard-coded to display all the levels of the dimension. e.g. Level 1, Level 2....Level 10. I also have a calculated field which displays the members of the level that is selected. My requirement is as follows.


      Display the data for the member that is selected from the calculated field and all the children of the member selected. i.e. If I select a member of Level 1 (after selecting Level 1 in the parameter), then the report should display the member and all its children from Level 2.


      I can think of the following options.


      1. Create 2 reports (one for each level) and combine them in a dashboard

      2. Use the sub totals option to show data for the parent member and allow the report to show only child data.


      Both the options do not seem to be optimal. Can anyone suggest a different approach?