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    Filter Month Filter by Year Filter

    E R

      I have data that covers dates ranging from 9/2011 to 7/2012. As time goes by, more data will be added to the range.


      I have two quick filters on the worksheet that use the date dimension: one filtering by year, the other by month. The year is in a checkbox style and the month is in a dropdown (compact).


      When a user selects a year, I only want the valid months for that year to appear in the month dropdown so that the user cannot select an invalid month/year combination, 1/2011 or 9/2012 for example. Likewise, when a user selects a month, I only want a valid year to display in the year filter.


      I don't particularly want to use the range of dates slider. I'd prefer to keep the year and month on separate filters.


      How can I get the filters to display only the valid values based on the condition selected?