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    Data shaping issue with dates in Excel spreadsheet?

    Chris Moseley

      I'm relatively new to Tableau.  In general, I love the product but am banging my head against the wall trying to create a relatively simple graphic. 


      I have a large Excel file of orders for my company.  Each row has a host of detailed information about a particular order, including Date Posted (entered into system) and Date Removed (i.e. order filled). 


      I want to create a simple line chart that shows a count of open orders on any given day over the last few years.  I then would like to have the ability to click through to see details on these orders. 


      It seems to me that my data is not shaped correctly for this exercise.  However, it's not clear to me what needs to be done without exponentially increasing the number of rows (and size) of my database.  I'm envisioning a row for each order for every day over the last few years (that is, 365x as many lines for each year of history)!


      Is there an easier way to approach this problem?


      Thanks in advance for your insights.