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    How do I combine, as opposed to blending datasources?

    Timothy Stark

      I am looking for a solution and haven't been able find an answer in the forums. 


      I have two datasources.    Datasource A is a rather complex custom SQL query.   It has a number of dimensions and measures.   Datasource B is a simple excel file that has dimensions only.


      I want to link the two via a common field.   However, I don't want the linking field in my view.


      Datasource A Dimensions:





      Datasource B Dimensions:


      Product Category



      I want the view to display Store measures by Product Category.  I don't want the actual Products themselves listed.  When I pull the Product out of the view I get an error saying 'Cannot blend aggregated data ...because there are no linking fields used in the view.'


      Any help in figuring out how to do this is much appreciated!