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    Different colour for different measure columns

    Sachin Jain



      I am new to tableau and going to design a simple report. I have 3 columns in my data source i.e. Month, Site, Price.


      I would like the report something like this:-


      MonthMY Price
      Competitor Price
      Price difference



      But I am not able to get the last column (Price difference). Please let me know how could I do this.



      1. The cells showing the minimum prices of My Price and Competitor Price should be conditional formatted with colors depending on their values :

            Light Red :     lower prices

            Dark Red :     highest prices


      2. The cells showing the difference of prices My Price vs. Competitor should be conditional formatted with colored icons depending on the value of “Warning +/-” :

      Green icon :     between – 10 % and + 10 %

      Yellow icon :     > + 10 %

      Red icon :     < – 10 %


      Please assist me how could I do this.


      Thanks in advance,
      Sachin Jain