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    Apply URL action to a different dashboard in same workbook

    Ben Flath

      Hi all,

      I have a workbook with 4 dashboards. The first one displays a map with client locations. At first, I had a Web Page object on this dashboard and a Google Maps link in the Level of Detail shelf, so when you selected a location on the map, the aerial view opened up in the Web Page. This works great. However, the powers that be want this Google Map moved to the second dashboard. I can't seem to get the same action to work.


      The same location selection has Filter Actions tied to it so that each subsequent dashboard is filtered based on the selection in the first (coincidentally, anyone know how to prevent a Filter Action from jumping to another dashboard? Global filtering does not work, as there are many data sources, and I don't think you can change a parameter by making a selection on a dashboard). Not sure how clear I have been, but if anyone has any thoughts, please let me know. Thanks!