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    Filtering After Complex Calculation

    John Ziebro

      Due to the nature of our business, it is intrinsically impossible to track operating costs per individual client. However, if I calculate each clients ratio of work and apply those by client to our operating costs, I can get a rough idea of what it is costing our company to perform the work. Then if I subtract their estimated operating cost from what we billed them, I can compare clients and see which are the most profitable relationships. With some help I was able to get a calculation working in Tableau, however, due to using Table calculations (?), I no longer have the option to put individual clients in the Pages shelf. All I get when I place the Client Name field in the Pages shelf is 1 option for *. It is showing me the calculation for all clients.


      SUM([Invoice])-(COUNTD([Case Number])/TOTAL(COUNTD([Case Number]))*SUM([QUICKBOOKS.xlsx].[Amount]))


      How can I now view this calculation for individual clients? My gut feeling is that I need to create some sort of Calculated field for the Pages shelf.