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    Indicating Top Accounts

    Christopher Henderson

      Hi All


      I currently have table created that looks like the image attached. This shows the sales of manufacturers across 5 hospitals, what I want to do is to create a calculation that will tell me who has the largest sales for each hospital.


      So for the outcome I want a table that lables each hospital with the highest selling manufacturer:


      Hospital Name          Top Manufacturer

      Hospital 1                 Manufacturer A  

      Hospital 2                 Manufacturer A

      Hospital 3                 Manufacturer B

      Hospital 4                 Manufacturer A

      Hospital 5                 Manufacturer C


      I will need this to be a calculated field as I need it to use as a label when doing some mapping later on, e.g. I would want to have a map pin pointing where the hospitals are and then colour them by top manufacturer.


      Any help would be much appreciated!