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    How to create a histogram where bins are from a calculation, and the frequency is a count of another dimension?

    Amer Ghanem



      In the attached workbook I have a measure that measures the difference between 2011 and 2012 sales "Variance". In my data, each row has the account name, month, year, and amount of sales. I am trying to create a histogram where the bins are different "Variance" values, and the frequency is the number of accounts that fall into the corresponding "Variance" values. In the attached report, in sheet one, I would like to have A1 in one bin, A2 in another bin, A3 in another bin, and A4-A5 in one bin. but as you can see in Sheet 2, this is not what is happening, I think it is doing it on the record level than on the account level, can you please help me out in solving this issue?