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    Working with String, Dates, CountD, & SumD?


      Here's a challenge!


      Using Excel files as data source..

      Does anyone know how to create a formula or calculation that takes the first Admission date & the last Discharge date (Last Discharge Date- First Admission Date) to give me a Length of stay (LOS) so that it can summed for a particular period.  Keep in mind that there could be multiple records for this so it needs to be specific by Medical #.


      I have tried to String (CountD): = str([Medical #]) + ' - ' + str([Admission Date])+ ' -' + str([Treatment Date])+ ' - ' + str([Discharge Date]) but had little success.  Maybe a SumD formula?   Don't know


      Below is a diagram.





      10-24-2012 12-53-21 PM.jpg