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    how to limit date filter to last 24 months

    saravanan cs

      I have a Date filter which has got date's ranging from 1996 to current and it will grow on. I want to limit the data displayed in the report to last 24 months. The date filter is a slider. The date value is dynamically selected by the user. (i.e) if the user selects 24-oct-2012 then it should show only the last 24 months value in the report from that date.


      It would be helpful if i get some valuable suggestions. Thanks in advance

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Saravanan, are you aware that using a relative date filter will get you fairly close to your goal, without writing calculation?


          Last 24.PNG


          This is limited to relative dates compared to TODAY(), but it allows the user to change how far back they want to go, also allowing them to look at MTD, etc.


          If this doesn't work for you let us know why, and we can help you work out the calculations.




          EDIT: Here's the file attachment.


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