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    How do I preserve number formatting when I am converting a number value to a string?

    Kristofer Still

      I have a dashboard where I want a set of measures to be displayed in a very specific way and because I don't like how it looks as a Tableau table I tried to concatenate it together as a string field. However when I convert my values to strings the number formatting isn't preserved and I end up with scientific notation and long strings of decimals.  Is there a way within my formula to preserve the number formatting I have the field set to?


      This is the string I want:


      To Date              

      $74.9M (67%)    


      Here is the formula:


      STR(SUM([Sales]))+" "+STR(([% of Forecast]))


      And what Tableau returns:


      To Date

      74.89762e+006 0.666666666


      [Sales] is set to 0.0M  and  [% of Forecast] is a custom percentage, 0 decimal with the ()'s  - (0%)