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    Cannot use the WMS links

    Alexander Schmidt

      I am trying to connect to a WMS link in order to use another map other then the one from Tableau.

      I am always getting the error message:

      "The map cannot be drawn because there was an error retrieving map tiles" then the detailled info says:

      "The specified object does not exist".

      I tried multiple sites that seem to have WMS links but ALL result in the same error.


      Can someone please help connect to a WMS that works.



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          Ian White

          What resource are you trying to connect to? Do you wish to use a different background map, a specialized source, etc...?

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            Alexander Schmidt

            All I really want at this point in time is hook up with an external map no matter what type of map it is ( a forest map, a wild life map or a road map). All I want is basically to get an external map to work; Having said that I live on an island in the Pacific so it would be necessary that the map service covers this part of the world. Again, each time I connect to a WMS site/link I get an error!


            Thanks to point me in a direction to get these WMS map integrated into Tableau.



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              Ian White

              Hi Alexander


              Is your question related to the recent map outage, and you are looking for an alternative background map? Or is bandwidth an issue (due to your remote location) and you want a background map that will be faster to load? Or something else? I ask because WMS per se likely won't address these issues. WMS service is about twice as slow as the the default base map. There are a variety of WMS available, but many tend to support legacy applications, meaning data might not be current, reliability might be spotty, etc...


              The more you can share, the more I can (hopefully!) help!



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                Alexander Schmidt

                Thanks Ian,

                Basically the bottom line is that I am very happy with the existing Tableau Software supplied map. However, my client does not want the text "About Tableau maps: www.tableausoftware.com/mapdata" written at the bottom of each Tableau map. That is in fact my problem and that is why I went looking at the WMS alternative.


                If that text can be removed then I can satisfy my client, if it cannot then I'd like to be able to get another map similar to the one from tableau to display instead.


                I hope this sheds some light on my problem.



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                  Ian White

                  Hi Alexander


                  Now I understand your question. Map attribution is generally required as it provides notice of legal claims, etc... You may run into some of the same with WMS, but I think the more challenging bit is to find a WMS that you like! This post has a discussion of what is (not) available.

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                    Alexander Schmidt

                    I looked at the other post but NONE of the WMS site work. It's frustrating as I have found absolutely no WMS sites or links that work. Isn't there an updated list of active and functional WMS sites/links.

                    Have you personally made this work?

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                      Alexander Schmidt



                      i found the following site:


                      that lists updated and functional WMS links. I finally found what I was looking for.

                      This link might certainly help others like me looking for active WMS sites. NOTE however, that there still are many links that are not active but at least the list is long and one can try them one after the other.