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    Excluding values in a box and whisker plot, with parameters on the x axis

    Saken Kulkarni



      I am creating a box and whisker plot to show distribution of certain measures across key dimensions (regions, countries, industries, etc). Both the measures and dimensions are parameters (so we can pick and choose the measures and dimensions that we want). However, my box and whisker plot looks funky because there are outliers. As you can see from the image below, I can't even find the 25%, median, and 75% values.


      Box and Whisker.jpg

      When I try to put a conditional filter, it only allows me to do a "custom" filter that doesn't allow me to filter on the conditions that I want (exclude top and bottom 10%).


      Box and Whisker Filter.jpg


      Is it just not possible to exclude values when you use a parameter?