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    Adding live subtotals

    Zachary Hagopian



      I have created store P+Ls on Tableau buy bringing in sales, cogs, occupancy cost, payroll cost, and advertising cost to calculate contribution margin.   I was able to separate the stores into quadrants by creating a measure I named "quadrants" and making an if statement.  The if statement looks like this :


      IF [CM %]>[CM%] Then

      IF ([Total Sales])>[Sales] Then "I" Else "II" End


      If ([Total Sales])>[Sales] Then "IV" Else "III" End



      So basically, I have separated the stores by a certain contribution margin and sales cutoff that I created in parameters. 

      My problem is that I am trying to show totals by quadrant.  When I add in grand totals, it gives me the total of all quadrants, so every store.  I want to add in subtotals that are specific to each quadrant.  Does anyone know how to do this?  I tried using the add subtotals option, but it did not work.  Thanks,