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    View Group or Set as one dimension

    Ryan Trybus

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      I want to create a side by side bar chart showing two groups, group A and group B. The kicker here is that group A and B are the same list of categories. What I'd like to do is set up a filter list is this:


      Say the group is defined by option A, option B, option C.. The filters are needed so that the user can select which options they want to see in each group. The chart itself just shows the overall total for group A and B by year value:sample.png

      My problem is that when i bring in Group 1 and group 2 into the chart, it shows how every specific value - so for any given year I see (option A, B and C) in red and the same for blue.


      I'm just learning Tableau so I'm trying to figure out if I need to specifically use Set or Group, but how would I display the collection of options as a single group even when a group consists of multiple components?