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    Filter out customers with less than x?  subtotal?

    Tim Christ

      For simplicity let's say I have: 2 dimensions: Customers & Products, and 1 measure: UnitSales


      I want to display the UnitSales for all Products for any Customers that have more than xx UnitSales of any single Product. (not total UnitSales)

      Let's say xx=10 units of any product.

      For example:

      Customer1 with sales of ProductA 55, ProductB 22, ProductC 2

      Customer2 with sales of ProductA 9, ProductB 9, ProductC 9

      Customer3 with sales of ProductA 0, ProductB 11, ProductC 5


      Should look like:


           ProductA     55

           ProductB     22

           ProductC     2


           ProductB     11

           ProductC     5


      Any help is greatly appreciated!