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    Show data for most recent year, by series

    David Roers
      I swear I did this before, but now I'm drawing a blank. 
      Sample data: Many years of agricultural production.  For some commodities, we have data through 2010.  For others, we might have data only through 2009.

      Date           Commodity    Value

      1/1/2009      Maize           100

      1/1/2010      Maize           150

      1/1/2008      Wheat          125

      1/1/2009      Wheat          175

      Goal:  Show the entire list commodities with the most recently available value for each (and capture the value of the most-recent year maybe for a tooltip).
      Commodity     ValueFromMostRecentYear     MostRecentYear
      Maize                         150                                         2010
      Wheat                        175                                         2009
      Thanks for the assist.