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    filter trend lines

    Bart Valgaerts

      Hi everone,


      I created simple dashboard showing some different measures, based on a date (see picture). It's easy to drop trendlines for all the measures, but I only need to show 1 trendline of 1 certain measure.(to be more specific: only the orange trendline is of importance).




      Does anybody have an idea of how to do this? Is it possible to filter out the other 3 trendlines?


      I added my measures, by using the 'Measure Values' and 'Measure Names', generated by Tableau.




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          Bart Valgaerts

          Nevermind my question, I just found the solution by converting it to a dual axis graph. I put my measure values (those values where I don't want to show a trend line) to the left side of the axis, and the last value (with the trendline) on the right side of the axis.


          Right click inside the graph --> Trend Lines --> here you can choose which trendline to show


          The solution is shown in the added picture.